“Always A Positive Vibration”

Greetings and welcome to my blog. This site is about Ideas, Creativity and Innovation. It will not always fit the mainstream thinking and politics that are currently in front of us 24-7. It is not intended to. Like the title to the site says “From A Different Perspective.”

The other “Tag Line” that I use and have used since 2000 is the title of this post “Always A Positive Vibration.” That is my attitude and it is where my set point is, where my foundation lies. The truth is, I am not positive all the time, just ask my wife and children. But, I believe in the power of being positive and positive thinking because of the destructiveness that negativity brings.

I believe in Capitalism and the power it holds to solve some of the many problems people face in the US and around the world. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market called it “Conscious Capitalism.” Much more can be accomplished by focusing on doing things right, treating people with respect and providing products and services of value, than on just focusing on making a lot of money!

When you look at the devastating situations around the world and the impact it is having on people, it is very evident that there has to be better ways of doing things. This site is about looking at some of them.

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