The Right People

One of the keys to building any organization whether it is a team, a business, a government, a charity, a non-profit, a partnership a cooperative or a social group, is getting the right people on it.

In his book “Good To Great,” Jim Collins identifies one of the key components of “Great Companies” is, as he puts it, “getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus and getting the right people in the right seats.” Who are the “Right People?”

You know the right people when you are with them or around them . . . . they have the right mix of talent, skills and experience . . . they fit with what you are trying to accomplish . . . . they are fun to be around . . . . they are easy to work with . . . . they show you respect . . . they are not antagonistic . . . . they have a positive attitude . . . . they aren’t down much . . . . they don’t gossip about people . . . . they give great effort . . . . they have great passion . . . . they are the kind of people that you want on your team . . . . they make other people around them better . . . . like Magic Johnson was with the LA Lakers.

Well, if those are the right people. . . . then who are the “Wrong People?” Who are the people that you don’t want on your bus. You know the wrong people also, they are . . . . negative, always having a bad day . . . . backbiters . . . gossipers . . . . untrustworthy . . . . out for themselves . . . . not team players . . . . divisive . . . . tear down organizations rather than building them up . . . . they are not conducive to building unity . . . . don’t work well with others . . . disrespect people . . . disruptive . . . . they aren’t a good fit with your culture!

So if you get all the wrong people off the team or out of the business, and you load it up with the right people . . . . then you get the right people in the right seats, that is, the best positions for their talents and what they have a passion doing . . . . you are in the position to create and develop a “Great Team.”

The foundation of any organization is it’s people, and getting the right people working in the same direction is a key factor in successful projects.

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I am an entrepreneur and I have a thirst for learning and love putting things together to make them work. I have been educated and inspired by the two professions that I have spent my life in. The first 11 years of my marriage, I worked in my wife’s family owned industrial laundry/linen service business. I worked all aspects of the business including sales, service, production and the last 3 ½ years as the general manager. During this time, among other things, I learned management and human relation skills in a service industry and I developed a deep respect for working class people. My second career is real estate which began in 1980. I operate under CLP inc which was incorporated in 1993. My experience during my years in real estate includes: residential sales, commercial sales & leasing, business and hospitality sales (bars, restaurants & casinos), management of property & businesses, real estate development of residential and commercial land, new home construction, residential and commercial townhouse/condo projects, affordable housing and business development.
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